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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan: simple and effective english dictionary

mobile phone dictionary
Dictionary is the simple name of a simple but effective mobile Java dictionary. No translations, no T9 text input, no speech function to tell you how to pronounce a word, not even phonetic spelling, but just a simple description of what a word means. Sometimes too simple, especially when a word has multiple meanings. But it has all the four letter words that other dictionary programs don't show. And if you keep forgetting words, you can bookmark them.

This is the dictionary program from Vikrant P. Chavan, and should not be confused with the similar program with the same name from Simon Judge.

Dictionary at GetJar

• For a free dictionary that translates words from one language into another, check the Symbian application Nokia Mobile Dictionary


mabs said...

I am curious, which programming language have been used for this Dictionary.

Symbian or J2ME?

Anyone with info?

symbian underground said...