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Saturday, 15 November 2008

MyNotes has a new look and listens to the central navigation button

MyNotes password protected notes for Symbian
Symbian's built-in Notes application does what it's supposed to do, but mobile Java notebook MyNotes does more: it can protect your notes with a password and organise them into folders.

Version 1.1 sports different color schemes and speaks english, spanish, and russian. Upon startup MyNotes now shows what it's made for: your notes. The main menu is gone. It also listens to your central navigation key in addition to the left and right softkeys. And the menu under the left softkey has improved too.

The new MyNotes is a lot better than the previous version. Some issues:

- You can scroll up and down a list of folders with the up and down navigation keys, but the left and right navigation keys don't do anything. Why not use the right navigation key to open a subfolder, and the left navigation key to go back to its parent folder?

- You can't delete notes with the delete key.

- MyNotes is written in mobile Java, and it takes a long time to start up. MyNotes as a native Symbian application would run a lot faster.

But Symbian's built-in Notes application doesn't have folder organisation and password protection, so MyNotes wins.


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