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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Nokia PC Suite updated: installs like a slug, runs like quicksand

Nokia PC Suite and Linux alternative methods
The new Nokia PC Suite (v7.0.9.2) takes forever to install, especially if you don't have Microsoft .net framework already set up on your computer, which is a heavy requirement for a program that's bloated already. Once installed, it doesn't run very fast either. But since PC Suite is a necessary evil for tasks like backing up your phone, it's hard to avoid it.

As usual, Nokia PC Suite adds all sorts of stuff to your list of autostarting programs and services, so you'll have to do lots of tweaking if you want to keep Windows lean and mean. PC Suite now comes with a Firefox plugin, but fortunately it's optional so you can keep your browser clean. You can access Nokia Map Loader from Nokia PC Suite, but there is another way to get maps on your phone without having to install any Nokia software on your computer.

I couldn't make PC Suite talk to my phone over bluetooth, so I had to dig up my old USB cable to try it. As expected, PC Suite won't let you into the system folders of your phone, because Nokia thinks that just because you bought your phone that doesn't mean you own it. But there's a method to force your way in anyway.

There's no PC Suite for Mac yet. There's no Nokia PC Suite for Linux either, but Linux users have a few alternatives.

Nokia PC Suite:

Nokia PC Suite

Nokia PC Suite alternatives:

Trick to make PC Suite let you into the system folders of your phone memory
Back up messages without PC Suite
Back up calendar entries without PC Suite
Get maps on your phone without Nokia Map Loader or PC Suite

Nokia PC Suite alternatives for Linux:

PC Suite alternatives for Linux

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