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Friday, 31 October 2008

Recover lost memory card password

Forgot your memory card password? If you set your phone free you can read your memory card password from a file on your internal phone memory.

Your memory card password is stored in C:\sys\data\mmcstore (this folder only exists if you've set a memory card password).

Switch "caps" off (Symbian hack required), use a file manager like X-plore or ActiveFile to copy the file to another location, and open it in a text editor like LightNotepad.

Your password appears at the end of a line that starts with some cryptic code. Suppose your password was NOKIASUX, then it will appear in LightNotepad as XXXXXXXxxx]NOKIASUX.

If your password has numbers or other strange characters, there may be question marks in between them. Just ignore those question marks. If you open the file in Notepad on a computer with Windows, there will be spaces in between the characters of your password.

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