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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Nokia Mobile Dictionary for many (but not all) Nokia Symbian phones

Nokia Mobile Dictionary
Nokia Mobile Dictionary is a free Symbian S60 3rd ed. program that allows you to install up to three languages (english and two additional languages). It translates words, lets you hear words in a funny but functional computer voice, and of course it tells you what the words mean.

It's meant for a limited set of new Nokia's only, and the installer comes with the firmware, not as a separate download. Maybe Nokia will release Nokia Mobile Dictionary for all it's smartphones, or maybe Nokia won't. But a smart girl or guy called miniME managed to extract the Nokia Mobile Dictionary installer from the Nokia E71 firmware, so Nokia Mobile Dictionary is now available for many more phones than Nokia thinks.

You'll need to sign the program with a developer certificate, or install it on a hacked phone, but that's really easy. Just check for details.

Nokia Mobile Dictionary installer at the Mobile Castle site
Nokia Mobile Dictionary installer direct download
Nokia Mobile Dictionary language packs from


LTH said...

as usual with nokia softwares doesn't work with existing phones, like my E65 :-(

Raef said...

got the mobile dictionary installer from "symbian4U" and sign it with signsis-GUI using CFT. from OPDA however had an error on my n79 "requested application access not granted" although i have signed other applictions with no problem , even i signed original nokia snakes 3d and worked , but i have no clue about this problem, i need a good dictionary for my n79 like UNIDIC englis,arabic,french,many thanks for your efforts here and realy i'm able now to sign my applications because of you thank you very much,,,Raef Abbas from Egypt