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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

HandWave by Samir: wave your hand instead of pushing buttons

HandWave for Symbian mobile phones
HandWave uses the front camera of your phone to detect movement and simulate pushing the navigation key. You can use it to control the volume of your music player, flip through your pictures, etc.

You can set pixel sensibility (make it more sensitive if it's dark) and image sensibility (reduce if you're far away from your phone, increase if you're closer).

HandWave is "free," but you have to "donate" money for a download link. There's no trial version, so you'll need to pay to be a beta tester, and there's no refund if the program doesn't work on your phone. But you can download a really free trial version at Mobile Castle.

HandWave is unsigned, so you'll need to sign it with your own certificate, pass it through Open Signed Online, or hack your phone to avoid the Symbian Signed madness.

HandWave by Samir at AikonLab (free, but only if you donate money)
HandWave beta 1 (v 0.1) at Mobile Castle (really free)

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