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Monday, 10 November 2008

Symbian Browser & hacked Nokia: move your cache to your memory card
The built-in web browser that comes with Symbian S60 is pretty good, but it caches the sites you've visited on your phone's built-in memory, which is nowhere near as big as your memory card.

But if you've set your phone free, you can move the browser cache to your memory card.

1) Give yourself access to your Symbian system folders by switching "caps" off, and launch a file manager like ActiveFile or X-plore.

2) Delete everything from C:\cache except for the vss folder. The vss folder should stay inside C:\cache.

3) Copy C:\cache (including the vss folder) to E so you'll get E:\cache and E:\cache\vss.

4) Set the attributes of the cache and vs folders in E to "hidden" and "system."

5) Copy Z:\private\10202be9\101f8557.txt to your memory card, and then to your computer.

6) Open 101f8557.txt on your computer and rename every instance of c:\cache to e:\cache. In my 101f8557.txt file I had to do this three times.

7) Send the modified 101f8557.txt back to your phone and save it in C:\private\10202be9.

8) Restart your phone.

Now your cache is moved to your memory card. Keep in mind that this means you can only use Symbian's browser if you have a working memory card in your phone.

To move your cache back to C, remove 101f8557.txt from C:\private\10202be9 and delete E:\cache.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's useless...because r/w ratio is much slower on E:/, so also browsing speed is lower.

LexoNokiaN said...

same trick was written by me long time ago (15th july 2008) ... :wink:

[url=] [b]browser cache on E drive[/b] [/url]

symbianism said...

Hmmmm... then I think I'll change the date of this post to the 14th of July ;)

LexoNokiaN said...

hehe!!! go ahead ;) it's my post and you can add it everywhere no prob bro, LexosNokiaN95 is my name of SF forum, you can check it on my SF profile - "also known as LexoNokiaN"

symbian underground said...

OK, then maybe I'll change the date to sometime before the Symbian browser existed.


LexoNokiaN said...

;) :) nice blog bro ;) and useful info's too :)

Vinay said...

does it really slow down browsing speed?

symbian underground said...

Your phone reads/writes files from/to your memory card much faster than your browser renders them, so it doesn't matter if you put your cache on your memory card.