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Friday, 21 November 2008

Nokia Maps updated to v2.0.4503, unofficial shareware edition available

Nokia Maps
Nokia Maps is updated. As usual, Nokia didn't publish a change log, and I couldn't find any new features in the new version (v2.0.4503), so I guess they just fixed some bugs.

Maps are free, guides and navigation are not. There's an "unofficial shareware edition" available so you can try before you buy at leasure. Given the (lack of) quality of the city guides that Nokia sells, having a look before you hand over your money is a good idea.

The unofficial shareware edition can also help you out if you have problems with transferring your license from one phone to another.

Unlike most other commercial software, licenses for Nokia Maps are tied to your SIM card, not to your phone. This can be very inconvenient if you swap SIMs regularly. If you change SIM cards (for example, if you temporarily use a foreign SIM when travelling) the unofficial shareware edition allows you to keep using your license without having to transfer it to your foreign SIM and back again.

You can preload maps to your memory card to save on mobile data traffic, which is often horribly expensive when you're away from your own country. You can use Nokia Map Loader (Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS X Leopard, lengthy installation procedure) or the Nokia Map Loader alternative (all operating systems, no need to install anything) to fill your phone with maps.

Nokia Maps (official site)
Nokia Maps (unofficial shareware edition) (unsigned, to install check this)
Nokia Map Loader Alternative

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doe´s not work on nokia e71, install problem