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Monday, 24 November 2008

FreeAir open Wi-Fi connection scanner updated

FreeAir Symbian mobile wireless LAN scanner, Wi-Fi
It's easy to find Wi-Fi connections with your Symbian phone, but it can be hard to find free open wireless routers in between all the access points that demand a password or money or both.

FreeAir by KloNom finds free and open wireless internet connections for you, so you don't have to deal with all the locked wireless background noise. You can tell FreeAir when to search and how often to search.

Version 1.2 has fewer bugs, lets you search for networks with specific protection methods or SSID, and you can shut off the sound that FreeAir makes when it's done scanning.

Bug: when you close FreeAir it forgets that you've switched the notification sound off, so if you don't switch it off again your ears will be tortured by the noise that FreeAir makes after a scan.

To run FreeAir you need to have Python installed. You'll also need to sign the .sis files or set your phone free to avoid Symbian's Signing Madness.

FreeAir at

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