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Monday, 3 November 2008

Jbak TaskMan 1.0 is ready and signed

Jbak TaskMan, Sybian task manager and program launcher
There's a company that sells a Symbian task manager called Handy Taskman for 25 dollars. I wonder why they bother, because Jbak TaskMan gives you the same functions and more for free.

Jbak TaskMan has many more options than Symbian's built-in task manager. For example, JBak TaskMan lets you see hidden tasks, memory status, disk usage, and detailed task info. When the program is running, long-pressing the menu button launches Jbak TaskMan instead of Symbian's built-in excuse for a task manager.

The last week new "release candidates" of Jbak TaskMan appeared almost every day. The result: now there's Jbak TaskMan version 1.0. It's ready and it's signed, so you don't have to deal with hacks, certificates, or the horrors of Symbian Signed.

Jbak TaskMan site

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