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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Opera Mini 4.2 beta: skins, video, faster proxy server

Opera Mini web browser for Symbian mobile phones
Opera Mini compresses data before sending it to your phone to speed up browsing and reduce data traffic.

The new beta test version of Opera Mini comes with skins: you can choose between seven different color schemes.

And it now sends video straight to your video player instead of launching the Symbian browser first. It's supposed to play Youtube videos, but that doesn't seem to work for everyone. Well, it's a beta test version after all...

Opera has opened a new set of proxy servers to make sites load faster. Americans and asians will be routed through the new american servers, europeans will connect through the old servers in Norway.

The new Opera Mini also comes in more different languages.

Opera Mini 4.2 beta installs itself in addition to any old version that may be on your phone, so you can choose between running the test version or launching the old copy.

The Opera Mini site
Opera Mini beta