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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Surf, mail, chat, VoIP, video calls: Skyfire, flurry, eBuddy, and OctroTalk

Skyfire Symbian mobile phone web browser
Skyfire now really for everyone

The new beta test version of Symbian web browser Skyfire is now officially available for everybody. Skyfire loads your pages through its own proxy server. Skyfire supports Flash, Ajax, QuickTime, video, audio, and other features of the "full" web. You can choose between the full web page and (if available) the mobile version.

New in version 0.85 beta:
- No more registration needed. Just download, install, and use.
- Single field to enter URLs or search Google.
- Automatic reconnection if your wireless connection is dropped.
- Easier to download images and other files.
- Less battery drain.
- More phone models supported.
- Bug fixes (but there are still plenty of bugs left).
- And more.

Loading the program and rendering pages is quite slow. Skyfire doesn't have a landscape view option, but you can rotate your screen with rotateMe or LandscapePro.

Skyfire (on the fly install)
Skyfire 0.85 on Mobile Castle (downloadable installer)
A few music videos that play well with Skyfire

Update: Skyfire pulled the plug on its Symbian version. All versions Skyfire for Symbian no longer work.

flurrymail plus

Flurry does POP and IMAP, Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo and more. It doubles as a feed reader, so you can read the feed of this blog with it ;)

Unfortunately it is a mobile Java application, so it takes some time to load. It also shows an advertisement when you start the program.

Flurry tries to persuade you to do an on the fly install from a personalised link, but you can download the .jad file, open it in a program like Notepad to locate the URL of the corresponding .jar file, and download them to your computer to edit the .jar and back it up.


New eBuddy version is faster, more stable, and easier to navigate

eBuddy is a mobile Java instant messenger that outperforms many Symbian IM programs. The new version is faster, more stable, and its user interface is easier to navigate than before.

There's also a mobile web version of eBuddy that works in your mobile web browser: no need to download or install anything. It also works on your computer. Very useful if you're sitting at a computer that won't let you install things, like at work, school, or in a hotel or internet cafe.

eBuddy wants you to install it on the fly from your phone web browser. To download it to your computer for archiving, or to replace files in the .jar installer, go to, select your phone brand and model, download the .jad file, open it in a text editor like Notepad, and use the URL from the .jad file to download the .jar installer to your computer.


OctroTalk: mobile instant messenger with voice and video

OctroTalk connects to Google Talk and other Jabber networks, and to MSN, AIM, Yahoo, and ICQ. Not just for chat, but also for file transfer, voice, and video. A great way to avoid the ridiculous video calling rates of your mobile operator. You can also use your own SIP service for VoIP calls.

Video chats only work between OctroTalk users. OctroTalk is free while beta testing lasts, but may cost money later.


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