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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

KillMe kills unnecessary programs and processes

Symbian mobile phone task manager KillMe
If you want to find out what's running on your Symbian S60 mobile phone, Symbian's built-in task manager is often inadequate. The built-in task manager that appears when you long-press the menu button doesn't show the plentitude of hidden processes. Needless to say, it won't switch off any hidden process either.

Of course there's Jbak TaskMan and the task and process manager in ActiveFile, but these programs don't warn you if you're about to kill a process that your phone needs to keep running.

But there's KillMe, a very simple but complete task manager which groups the running processes according to whether your phone really needs them. The "removable" tab lists processes that you can safely shut down without crashing your phone. Kill any process from the "reserved" tab and your phone will reboot. Anything labeled with "protected" can't be switched off. If KillMe doesn't know what will happen if you kill something it will appear in the "unsure" tab. If you don't agree with the author's assignment, you can move processes from one tab to another yourself.

There's also a "killed" tab which lists all processes you killed, with an option to bring them back to life again.

KillMe doesn't have its own website yet (well, not in english anyway), but you can get the english version of KillMe at Mobile Castle. It's not signed (yet), so you'll need to sign it yourself or hack your phone to install unsigned programs.

KillMe v1.30 at Mobile Castle

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