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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Install unsigned programs on new phones with new firmware with the ROMPatcher installserver.exe patch

install unsigned programs
HelloOX by bugb is a simple way to hack Symbian on phones with firmware that resists the old HelloCarbide method. Unfortunately there is no hacked installserver.exe for new phones with new firmware, so unsigned programs still needed signing before you could install them on your phone.

Running a hacked copy of installserver.exe doesn't work on new phones with new firmware versions, because these phones refuse to run installserver from any location other than the Z:\ drive, which is read-only.

But the hackers at Symbian Freak found a workaround. ROMPatcher can patch installserver.exe in memory (RAM), so now you can install all programs on new phones with new firmware without having to sign them first.

These ROMPatcher patches allow installation of unsigned programs on phones hacked with the HelloOX method.

installserver.exe patch collection

the old installserver.exe hack for those who don't want to use ROMPatcher
• the modding section of the Symbian Freak forum (members only)
the HelloOX hack
list of phones and firmware versions that can be hacked
index of all Symbian hacking methods

Improved version of HelloOX2 comes with ROMPatcher installserver.exe patch built in

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