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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Free-iSMS: threaded, scheduled, and fake SMS

Free-iSMS threaded SMS, message scheduler, fake SMS
Free-iSMS by junnikokuki displays your SMSs in GMail- and iPhone-like threaded style. It can also schedule your messages or send fake messages to your inbox.

The latest update comes with minor bug fixes, but its main shortcomings are not fixed yet. Free-iSMS threads messages from your in- and outbox, but not from your custom SMS folders (you can do that with Nokia Conversation). And the fake SMS option can only make fake incoming messages with the date set to 2009 or later. No fake outgoing messages, and no backdating to previous years.


Monday, 30 March 2009

More Twitter on fring

fring - VoIP Skype instant messaging Twitter Facebook orkut on Nokia Symbian S60
Instant messenger, VoIP application, GMail notifier, Skype client, radio, and Facebook tool fring connects with Skype and standard SIP VoIP, GoogleTalk, MSN (Windows Live), ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, and Twitter. It also connects to the chat function of Facebook, orkut, and other social networking sites.

And now fring comes with a brand new Twitter add-on with new looks and lots of new features. Search works better, tracking followers is easier, and pushing the button send links in tweets straight to your phone's web browser. But the best new feature is the ability to switch off the beep sound upon arrival of new tweets: fring has learned to keep quiet.

You don't even need to download anything to use the new Twitter add-on on your old copy of fring. Just fire up fring, unsubscribe from the Twitter add-on, and resubscribe. That's all it takes to make fring use the new improved Twitter add-on.

Tip: if you download fring from the fring download page, you don't need to enter your real email address in the "get fring via PC" box.

fring site with all info and download details
straight to the fring download page (tip: you don't need to enter a real email address in the "get fring via PC" box)

Saturday, 28 March 2009

InstsvrOnOff toggles your Symbian installserver hack

toggle modified installserver.exe hack for Symbian S60 and UIQ on and off with instsvrOnOff
You hack your phone because you don't need Nokia or SonyEricsson to take you by the hand and tell you what's good for you. And then you add the modified version of installserver.exe because you don't need Symbian Signed to force their judgement on you.

But do you want to have your copy of the modified installserver.exe active 24/7, or only when you need it?

Enter instsvrOnOff, a tool to turn off the hacked version of installserver when you don't need it, and toggle it back on when you want to install something. Run, click, ready: instsvrOnOff is a simple and efficient program that gets the job done and stops right there.

You'll need a hacked phone with Python installed, and in typical Python style it's a good idea to put Python and your Python programs directly on the phone memory and not on a memory card.

If you use the installserver patches for ROMPatcher you don't need instsvrOnOff, because then you can switch the installserver mod on and off from the ROMPatcher menu.

instsvrOnOff for phones with the installserver.mod at Symbian Freak (for members only)
instsvrOnOff for phones with the installserver.mod at Mobile Castle (for everybody)

Python for Symbian
how to hack your phone and set it free
modified installserver.exe for Symbian S60 and UIQ

installserver patches for ROMPatcher

Friday, 27 March 2009

Remove junk from your Active Standby screen: now for Feature Pack 2 too

Active Standby patches for FP2 & StandByPlugger for FP1
Share Online, Ovi, Flickr... those icons in your menu are easily parked in a remote folder in a place where you never have to face them.

But what about all those unwanted entries on your Active Standby screen? They make your phone look like a shopping mall, waste space on your screen, and an accidental keypress will take you to some Nokia business partner where you don't want to go. Misclicks may even fire up your mobile internet connection, and such accidents can be very expensive if you're roaming on foreign networks.

For those with S60 3rd ed. Feature Pack 1 phones like the Nokia N95 and N82 there's StandByPlugger by rol@N95d, but those with shiny new Feature Pack 2 phones didn't have an easy way to remove Nokia's junk from their Active Standby screens.

Alberto Bilheteria did something about that. He wrote a couple of patches for ROMPatcher (a must have program if you want to be in control of your phone) that can remove things like Calendar, Search, WLAN scanning, Share Online, and more. If you remove everything you may as well switch off Active Standby completely, so just use the ROMPatcher patches to remove exactly those things that you don't want to see and enjoy the extra space on your screen. You'll need to switch Active Standby off and back on for the changes to take effect, and removed entries appear as blank lines instead of making space for other things, but maybe that will be fixed later.

To use these Active Standby modifications your phone needs to be hacked.

Active Standby patches for FP2
StandByPlugger for FP1
Active Standby patches for FP2 at Symbian Freak (requires signup/login)
StandByPlugger for FP1 at Symbian Freak

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Slick: minor update

Chat and SMS: instant messaging with Slick and onesoup, copy and restore SMSs with Oxygen, undo the Curse of Silence with Nokia SMS Cleaner
Instant messenger Slick connects to GoogleTalk and other Jabber networks, and to MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and AIM. It supports file transfer, but not voice chat.

Slick is free while its beta testing lasts, and the free beta test has been going on for ages. There are so many free alternatives available that it's hard to believe that Slick will ever cost money.

The latest update in the never ending free trial phase is rather modest. A bit of touchscreen tweaking and some other issues that are so minor that the authors of Slick didn't even bother to tell us what's new.


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

GraphViewer now with four different equation input options

GraphViewer graphing calculator

GraphViewer draws curves from your maths, including first and second derivative functions. The latest version of GraphViewer can plot multiple parametric, carthesian, and polar functions at once in different psychedelic colors.

the GraphViewer site

Monday, 23 March 2009

Nokia Magnifier: bigger is not always better

If you have a pretty good camera with autofocus on your phone, you can use it as a magnifier with Nokia Magnifier.

Nokia Magnifier
Nokia Magnifier starts your camera and autofocusses without your finger on the capture button. You can "stabilize" the image (which reduces the capture frequency but doesn't stabilise anything), invert colors, increase contrast, and shoot a picture of whatever you're magnifying. You can zoom in and out with the navigation button, but not with the volume rocker/zoom button combo.

But macro shooting and Nokia's cameras don't mix well. For a sharp image you have to keep the camera at a sufficiently large distance, which reduces the magnifying effect by a significant amount. And Nokia Magnifier is useless under normal indoor reading light conditions. You'll need to turn the lights on to full or wait for daylight.

The latest version of Nokia Magnifier is more stable than the first release. The buggy method to check the camera cover position was fixed by simply removing the check. All the other shortcomings remain, so if you really need to read the small print you're better off with a real magnifying glass.

Nokia Magnifier

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Tools for musicians: The Musicians' Swiss Knife and Guitar Tuner Mobile

Mobile phone music - The Musicians' Swiss Knife and Guitar Tuner Mobile
The Musicians' Swiss Knife

The Musicians' Swiss Knife is a metronome, beats per minute counter, and tone generator.

You can set the metronome to beat from 40 to 208 bpm in increments of 4, with measures up to 32 bar. The bpm counter indicates immediate and average beats per minute, and can count as fast as you can hit the keys. It certainly beats using a stopwatch. The tone generator is a nice add-on. You can choose 48 notes over a four octave range, generated by 45 different instruments. Saxophones and trumpets and other members of the horny section, electric and accoustic guitars, pianos and organs, bass with and without frets, and even pan flutes.

There are a few minor things which could be fixed to improve the program. It's easy to forgive the tone generator for not playing didgeridoo. But you can't adjust the metronome settings in mid-play and that's truly inconvenient if you want to change the beat during a song. Maybe this will be addressed in the next version of this program to make this great application even better?

The Musicians' Swiss Knife UPDATE: This link is dead. And so is Symbian.

Guitar Tuner Mobile

Guitar Tuner Mobile is a very simple no-frills program that plays the notes E, A, D, G, B, and E to help you tune your guitar by ear. You can choose between two types of accoustic guitar (steel or nylon strings), and two types of electric guitar.

For very precise tuning the program can record your guitar string sound and display a frequency spectrum of the sound produced by your guitar. Looking at the spectrum is an easy way to check the sound quality of your strings. If you play different notes on a single string the sound spectrum is also a good method to see if your frets perform as they should. Make sure to use this feature if you're about to buy a used guitar, because it may help you to avoid some unpleasant surprises.

Tip: If Guitar Tuner Mobile doesn't make any sound when you try to make it play a note, just choose a phone profile with the warning tones switched on.

Guitar Tuner Mobile UPDATE: This link is dead. And so is Symbian.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

X-SMS backs up your messages, and now it restores them too

X-SMS, SMS backup for Symbian mobile phones
X-SMS by Siraj is a Python program for Symbian to back up your SMS messages. You can store your messages as .txt, .doc, .pdf, and .html.

The program could be a bit more user friendly. For example, before you install X-SMS you'll have to go into your system folders to delete a file called, and backing up and restoring messages requires that you switch your message memory from phone to memory card or vice versa. Maybe that will be fixed in the next version of X-SMS?

PC Suite restores your old SMSs and deletes your new messages, but X-SMS restores your messages in a non-destructive way. When you restore a backup with X-SMS, the messages you received after you made the backup are preserved.

Warning: X-SMS only backs up messages from your inbox. So move all your messages to your inbox before you make a backup, or else you may lose the messages from your sent folder and custom folders.

To install and use X-SMS you'll need to hack your phone and have Python installed, because X-SMS needs access to your system folders to do its job.

X-SMS 2.0

Friday, 20 March 2009

YouTube for Symbian does the job but needs some extra features

YouTube player for Symbian mobile phones
There was a mobile Java YouTube player, and now there's a real Symbian version too.

YouTube for Symbian is a very simple YouTube player. Search, select, play, and your movies will appear in full screen landscape view. YouTube for Symbian works a lot faster than the old Java version.

When you install YouTube it asks you to pick your location from a list of only 5 countries, but that doesn't matter. Just pick any country you like and the program will work.

But there are things left to improve. For example, you can't upload movies with YouTube for Symbian, and you can't log in to see adult videos. Movie descriptions are truncated, and comments don't exist at all in YouTube for Symbian. The program won't let you download movies for offline viewing either.

Tip: the option to erase your search history and other private data is available, but it's hidden in the help menu.

You can download YouTube for Symbian from your phone's web browser at, or you can download the installer file from places like Symbian Freak. (on the fly installer)
YouTube 2.0.0 on Symbian Freak (downloadable installer)

• if you want more than just YouTube, try vtap

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Use Hotmail with any email program, email application Seven still won't use your memory card

email, hotmail, system seven, nokia

Hotmail now supports pop3 everywhere, so you can use it with any email program you like instead of struggling with your mobile web browser.

Unfortunately Nokia is not yet aware of this, so if you try to set up Hotmail in the built-in Messaging application of your phone there's a good chance that you'll get sent back to your browser.

But you can force your phone's Messaging program to let you set up Hotmail manually:

1) Set up a new new mailbox and use the email address yourname@hotmail. Do not use, but leave the .com out.

2) Your phone will complain that it doesn't know the email provider and will start the manual setup. That's exactly what you want it to do.

3) Choose these settings:

Mailbox type: POP3
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:
Access point: whatever you like
Mailbox name: whatever you like

4) Now fire up Email settings from the Options menu, select Connection settings, and enter:

Incoming email
User name:
Password: your Hotmail password
Security: SSL/TLS
Port: Default (or 995)
APOP secure login: Off

Outgoing email
My email address: your email address (remember to add the .com that you left out in step 1)
User name:
Password: your Hotmail password
Security: SSL/TLS
Port: 587 (or 25)

Your Hotmail should be live now.


Seven is a mobile push email client that can sync your contacts, calendar, and mail with MS Exchange Server. It's still in beta testing stage, and has many issues left to be sorted out.

The latest test version adds encryption (to keep people out of your mail if your phone gets lost or stolen), message templates, custom reply-to header and filtering options.

Unfortunately these flaws have not been fixed yet:
- The program, your mail, and all attachments are stored on your phone's built-in memory. Seven won't use your memory card, so forget about receiving mail with big attachments.
- Seven eats lots of RAM. When Seven is running, everything else on your phone is considerably slower. Your battery also takes a serious hit.
- When Seven launches for the first time, it sends an SMS to +447624802625 without asking you first.

You'll need to register with Seven before you can download the program. Even if you want to read the FAQ on the Seven trial site you'll have to sign up first, because the FAQ is part of a closed user forum.

You can test Seven for free while beta testing lasts, but you'll probably have to pay when the program is ready.


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Take notes with Life Remarks and SafeNote, make spreadsheets and calculate things with Calc Sheet Lite

Life Remarks SafeNote Calc Sheet Lite notes text spreadsheet calculator
Life Remarks

Life Remarks is a mobile Java note application in diary format. It looks better than Symbian's built-in Notes feature, and Life Remarks can do more. You can attach notes and appointments to diary entries, and you can protect your secrets with a password.

I had to restart my phone before I could uninstall Life Remarks.

Life Remarks


SafeNote is a notes application with optional password protection. It organises your notes in groups such as "business," "personal," and any groups you make yourself. You can search for text within a note, but you can't search all notes at once.


Calc Sheet Lite

Calc Sheet Lite is a bare bones spreadsheet application. You can enter formulas, and that's about it. Selecting multiple cells by using the # key (which has replaced the "pencil" key on most Nokia phones) didn't work on my phones, so I could only move cells around one by one. Calc Sheet Lite is good for simple spreadsheet calculations, but don't expect Excel-like functions.

Calc Sheet Lite

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Metro for Symbian S60 has fresh public transport info, Symbian UIQ version abandoned

Métro public transport navigation for Symbian
Métro tells you the best way to travel between subway and railway stations, tram and bus stops, tourist attractions, and other places. You can make Métro calculate the fastest route or choose the trip with the minimum number of connections. All major cities on the planet are covered, and lots of smaller cities too. Métro knows the routes and stations of subways, trains, trams, buses, and ferry lines of about 400 cities.

Public transport info is stored on your phone so you can navigate the routes and times without a live mobile internet connection. Great when you're deep down in a subway station without network coverage, and it helps you avoid paying a fortune for international mobile data roaming. Métro works on Symbian S60 and Symbian UIQ.

The latest edition of Métro adds some improvements for Symbian S60. The Symbian UIQ version is maintained no longer now that UIQ itself is not developed further anymore. Public transport info is updated for a number of cities, including Beijing, Chicago, London, Moscow, New York, Paris, Prague, and Singapore.

Métro from

Monday, 16 March 2009

HelloOX Symbian hack with ROMPatcher for Nokia N96

HelloOX Symbian hack and ROMPatcher for Nokia N96, install unsigned programs and more
The HelloOX method to set Symbian free on new phones with new firmware allows you to install the Symbian modifier ROMPatcher.

Unfortunately ROMPatcher and the Nokia N96 didn't go very well together.

But erkk at the Symbian Freak forum repacked HelloOX with a version of ROMPatcher that works on the N96. This combines well with the installserver patch for ROMPatcher that lets you install unsigned programs without having to deal with the censors at Symbian Signed.

HelloOX 1.03 with ROMPatcher for Nokia N96 at Symbian Freak (login/signup required)
HelloOX 1.03 with ROMPatcher for Nokia N96 (no need to log in)

AUGUST 19, 2009:
Improved version of HelloOX2

Sunday, 15 March 2009

MDictionary now translates japanese too

MDictionary Symbian mobile dictionary translation, chinese, japanese, english
Word translator MDictionary combines a simple, efficient interface with a steadily growing number of language pairs. Chinese was added recently, and the latest version of MDictionary has a japanese font and japanese-to-english (and vice versa) translation.


Saturday, 14 March 2009

DAO4Sync manages and synchronises files, contacts, messages, and calendar entries between your phone and computer

DAO4Sync computer to Nokia Symbian phone connection
DAO4Sync turns your Nokia phone memory into a virtual drive on your computer, so you can use your computer to open files (and contacts and messages) on your phone just as if it was a normal drive. The latest update to DAO4Sync lets you manage anniversaries and to-do notes too.

If your edit files when your phone is not connected, DAO4Sync can synchronise your computer and phone next time you hook 'em to each other.

DAO4Sync is not a PC Suite alternative, because it needs the drivers from PC Suite to make your phone talk to your computer.


Friday, 13 March 2009

Notes On The Phone puts stickies on your screen

Notes On The Phone Post-it notes for mobile phones Nokia Samsung LG
Do you like Post-it notes? Now you can stick them on your phone without leaving glue all over your screen. Notes On The Phone is a program to make digital Post-it notes. It runs in the background and shows your notes on your standby screen once in a while (if your phone supports this feature). It works on most (all?) Nokia, Samsung, and LG phones that can run mobile Java programs.

Notes On The Phone

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Free-iSMS displays threaded SMS, and schedules and fakes 'em

Free-iSMS threaded SMS, message scheduler, fake SMS
Nokia Conversation displays your SMSs in GMail- and iPhone-like threaded style, but it doesn't do it very well.

Free-iSMS by junnikokuki does the job, just like all other programs by junnikokuki do what they're supposed to do with deadly efficiency. And Free-iSMS does more than that. It displays your messages in threads, it can schedule your messages, and it can send fake messages to your inbox too. The fake messaging option of Free-iSMS works much better than Fake Messages and ActiveFile.

There's something to improve, though. Free-iSMS threads messages from your in- and outbox, but not from your custom SMS folders (you can do that with Nokia Conversation). And the fake SMS option can only make fake incoming messages with the date set to 2009 or later. No fake outgoing messages, and no backdating to previous years. Maybe these things will be fixed in the next version?

Free-iSMS is so new that it's not on junnikokuki's own site yet, but you can already get it from Symbian Freak.

Free-iSMS v1.00 at Symbian Freak
junnikokuki's site

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mobbler connects to new servers

Mobbler music radio
Mobbler plays radio stations and can scrobble tracks from Symbian's built-in music player to to help you find similar types of music.

The latest version of Mobbler connects to the new servers, so get the update if can't play radio stations because your copy tries to connect to the old servers (which no longer work).


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Nokia 5800XM users can chat and VoIP on fring too, Palringo adds Facebook chat

VoIP Skype instant messaging Palringo fring Nokia Symbian S60

Instant messenger, VoIP application, GMail notifier, Skype client, radio, and Facebook tool fring connects with Skype and standard SIP VoIP, GoogleTalk, MSN (Windows Live), ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, Twitter, chat of social networking sites Facebook and orkut, and more.

Update: fring is no longer a multi-network messenger. They kicked 'em all out, fring now only works on it's own fring network. My advice: don't use fring.

And now it finaly works on the touchscreen Nokia 5800XM too.

Tip: if you download fring from the fring download page, you don't need to enter your real email address in the "get fring via PC" box.



Multiprotocol chat client Palringo killed some bugs, tweaked its user interface a bit, and added Facebook chat to its list of supported instant messaging networks. It doesn't connect to Skype yet. You can send voice messages, but Palringo doesn't do real VoIP calls like Nimbuzz, fring, and Talkonaut.


Monday, 9 March 2009

Skyfire updated: more bookmarks to delete

Skyfire mobile web browser
Proxy-based mobile phone web browser Skyfire released a new version with hardly anything new. The bookmarks are organised in categories with new names, and there are even more preloaded bookmarks to delete so that your own bookmarks don't get buried in a mess of links you'll never click.

There's still no T9 predictive text and multi-line text entry, and Skyfire is still a very slow web browser. But it can play media files that no other mobile web browser can play, so it's a useful extra browser to keep on your phone for music and movies that you can't play with other browsers.

Update: Skyfire for Symbian is dead.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Change or remove your camera shutter sounds with SoundCam by alcon3gro

turn off your symbian mobile phone camera shutter sound
New camera phones won't let you switch off that annoying camera shutter sound if you have a firmware version for a region that includes a country where noisy cameras are legally required. Of course you can use cCam to take pictures in silence, but this gives you way less options than the native camera application, and cCam doesn't shoot video.

But since Symbian has been hacked there are other ways to make your phone camera shutter shut up.

The SoundCam patch for ROMPatcher by alcon3gro lets you change all four camera sounds on phones that run CamMojave.exe, like the Nokia N78, N82, N95, N96, 6220 Classic. You can use any sound you like, including "empty" sound files to make your phone stay quiet when you shoot pictures.

This patch works on phones with the camera application z:Sys\Bin\CamMojave.exe, like the Nokia N78, N82, N95, N96, 6220 Classic.

It does NOT work on phones with z:\sys\bin\camcorder.exe, like the Nokia 6120 Classic, 6110 Navigator, N73, N95, E51, E66, E71. For these phones try one of the alternative methods such as this one.

SoundCamalcon3gro on Symbian Freak (login/signup required)
SoundCamalcon3gro (modified) (open for everyone)
• check the camera sound label for more methods to change or remove your phone camera shutter sound

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Music identifier midomi not as good as Shazam iD

midomi Symbian S60 music identifier for Nokia, Samsung, LG
SonyEricsson phones have an application called TrackID, which lets you record snippets of music to send to a database, and then it identifies the song for you.

Music identifier midomi is a similar program for Symbian S60. It works on Nokia, Samsung, and LG phones.

Unfortunately it doesn't work very well. Midomi is supposed to be able to identify songs if you sing or hum them into your phone, but I never got that to work. Maybe it's because of my singing, because my voice is bad enough to break Nokias beyond repair.

But even if you play a song into midomi it often fails. Shazam iD usually finds the songs that midomi does not, even though they're rumoured to use the same music database.

If you can get midomi to work for you, you're lucky. If midomi doesn't find what you're looking for, try Shazam iD instead. (on the fly install through SMS or mobile browser only) UPDATE: This link is dead. And so is Symbian.
midomi v3.1.1 at Fillmobile UPDATE: This link is dead. And so is Symbian.
Shazam iD (an good alternative if midomi doesn't work for you)

Friday, 6 March 2009

Write with text editor DEdit, translate words with MDictionary

DEdit Symbian text editor, MDictionary dictionary, word translation

DEdit is a text editor for Symbian with way more options than the built-in Notes application of your phone. DEdit works with large text files, has search & replace options, and you can use bookmarks to find your way in your texts.

The latest version of DEdit has an improved menu and more template options, and it warns you when you're about to overwrite a file.



MDictionary is a word translator with a very simple and efficient user interface, in which changing the direction of translation takes no more than switching a tab. The number of available language pairs is modest but growing.

The user interface of MDictionary 6.6 speaks french and croatian in addition to english, you can now translate words from english into croatian and vice versa, and you can download a chinese font for MDictionary to translate words from english into chinese or the other way 'round.


Thursday, 5 March 2009

Bug fixes for Opera Mini, more search engines for UCWEB

Opera Mini and UCWEB, web browsers for Symbian mobile phones
Opera Mini

The latest update of Opera Mini doesn't add much. Some bug fixes under the hood, South African english and Guatemalan spanish, a few changes in the out-of-the-box collection of bookmarks (which most people delete anyway), and a new search engine for those in Ukraine. Wow, stop the presses!

Opera Mini


If you don't like the built-in search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) of UCWEB, just add some more. Searchlets for UCWEB has 17 places to search, including Wikipedia, Youtube, Google Translate, and the Internet Movie Database.

Searchlets for UCWEB

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Buzzer, a free countdown timer that shouts and shakes

Buzzer mobile phone countdown timer
All mobile phones have a free stopwatch and a free countdown timer built in. It's been like that for ages. After all, what's the point of leaving them out?

But it seems that Nokia saw a point: their Symbian phones are full of all sorts of programs that are of little or no use, but they have no stopwatch and no countdown timer.

Of course there's some software to fill the gap. The best stopwatch and countdown timer applications for Symbian are BestTimer and Time Machine, but unfortunately they cost more than a real hardware timer. And if you're looking for freeware, you'll be looking for a long time.

Buzzer is one of the very few (maybe the only) free phone countdown timer programs that work. It can tell you that time's up with noise, vibrations, or both. Buzzer is not a real Symbian application (it's written in mobile Java), you'll need to have warning tones switched on (don't forget to switch 'em off if you want your camera to be silent), and its user interface could use a few improvements too.

But it's better than nothing, so if you want to count down for free then go get Buzzer.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Install unsigned programs on new phones with new firmware with the ROMPatcher installserver.exe patch

install unsigned programs
HelloOX by bugb is a simple way to hack Symbian on phones with firmware that resists the old HelloCarbide method. Unfortunately there is no hacked installserver.exe for new phones with new firmware, so unsigned programs still needed signing before you could install them on your phone.

Running a hacked copy of installserver.exe doesn't work on new phones with new firmware versions, because these phones refuse to run installserver from any location other than the Z:\ drive, which is read-only.

But the hackers at Symbian Freak found a workaround. ROMPatcher can patch installserver.exe in memory (RAM), so now you can install all programs on new phones with new firmware without having to sign them first.

These ROMPatcher patches allow installation of unsigned programs on phones hacked with the HelloOX method.

installserver.exe patch collection

the old installserver.exe hack for those who don't want to use ROMPatcher
• the modding section of the Symbian Freak forum (members only)
the HelloOX hack
list of phones and firmware versions that can be hacked
index of all Symbian hacking methods

Improved version of HelloOX2 comes with ROMPatcher installserver.exe patch built in

Monday, 2 March 2009

DictionaryForMIDs searches multiple languages

Dictionary for phones with mobile Java
DictionaryForMIDs is a collection of mobile Java dictionaries that covers all the major european languages, a couple of asian languages, and there's a Webster dictionary version too.

The latest version has less bugs and an improved (but still not very well designed) user interface.

But the real news is that DictionaryForMIDs has a very useful new feature. If you have multiple languages installed you no longer need to set a "from" language, because DictionaryForMIDs will search all available languages to translate a word into the target language.

The problem is how to install multiple dictionaries. Not all languages can be installed together without tweaking: some language pairs require manual editing of the installation files to stop them from overwriting other language pairs. This problem should go away as the old dictionaries get updated.

A fix for the long dictionary names that don't fit under the icon would be welcome too.


Sunday, 1 March 2009

PhoNetInfo now with even more info about your phone

PhoNetInfo tells you almost everything there is to know about your phone. Firmware version, IMEI and IMSI numbers, Wi-Fi and bluetooth MAC addresses, network signal strength, how much RAM your phone really has and how much is available for your programs, which tasks are running (including tasks that Symbian's own task manager hides) and much more.

The new version of PhoNetInfo has less bugs, shows Wi-Fi stats like signal strength, and it's easier to copy data.

PhoNetInfo can restart your phone for you, which takes less button push actions than switching your phone off and on. Restart worked on my Feature Pack 1 phones, but not on my Feature Pack 2 phone. Maybe you have more luck.

The new editin of PhoNetInfo is unsigned, so you'll have to sign it yourself or install it on a hacked phone with certificate checking switched off. Or you can download the old, signed version.