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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Push email: Nokia Email and System Seven

Nokia Email
Nokia Email is a combination of an email client and a push email service. The program is still in beta testing stage.

The push email service (but not the client) is updated. New: bug fixes and a faster server. (on the fly install only)
Nokia Email beta 3.0 at Mobile Castle (downloadable installer)

System Seven

There's a new update for System Seven, yet another mobile push email client in beta testing stage. It comes with preloaded settings for some popular email services like GMail, which makes it easier to set up your email accounts.

System Seven can sync your contacts, calendar, and mail with MS Exchange Server.

Before you rush out to try it, a few words of warning:
- System Seven installs itself on your phone's built-in memory. You can't install it on your memory card.
- Even worse: System Seven stores your email on your phone's built-in memory. The latest version won't let you choose to store your mail on your memory card anymore.
- And the worst: even your attachments now go to your phone's memory instead of your memory card, and you can't tell System Seven to do otherwise. This makes the program unusable for many.
- When System Seven launches for the first time, it sends an SMS to +447624802625 without asking you first.
- System Seven snatches an active standby shortcut for itself without asking you first. It does so before you accept the license agreement. Uninstalling System Seven does not necessarily restore the original active standby shortcut.
- System Seven eats lots of RAM. When System Seven is running, everything else on your phone is considerably slower. Your battery also takes a serious hit.

Before you can download System Seven, you'll need to register with them. Registration is required for just about everything. Even if you want to read the FAQ on the System Seven trial site you'll have to sign up first, because the FAQ is part of a closed user forum.

If you still believe System Seven is worth trying, you can test System Seven for free while beta testing lasts. You'll probably need to pay when the program is ready.

System Seven

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vinpark said...

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Still if someone has a large phone memory, it is worth trying this great application definitely.