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Monday, 9 June 2008

Back up your messages: yet another good reason to hack your Symbian phone

Symbian SMS backup
Phones that run Symbian S60 (Nokia) and Symbian UIQ (Sony Ericsson) are like Fort Knox: you can't even access the files and folders that contain your messages on your phone, which means that the horrible piece of bloatware called PC Suite is the only way to back up your messages. The draconian restrictions of Symbian are like not having the keys of your own house.

But Symbian has been hacked : ) With a few modifications you can access all files and folders on your phone, and make backup copies whenever and whereever you want without having to connect your phone to a computer that runs PC Suite.

Need a quick way to back up your messages without having to hook up your phone to a computer to struggle with PC Suite?
Then hack your phone to get access to the c:\private folder. The built-in Symbian file browser won't get you there, but X-Plore or ActiveFile will.

Inside you'll find a folder with the user friendly (ahem) name "1000484b" which contains all the SMSs and mails from Symbian's built-in messaging app. Make a copy of the entire 1000484b folder and you have a backup of your messages.

No PC Suite needed, so Mac and Linux users can back up their messages too!

If you've told the messaging app to store your messages on your memory card instead of in your phone's built-in memory (not recommended, because it slows down the messaging application), you'll need to copy the 1000484b folder from e:\private.

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