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Monday, 29 June 2009

Nokia vs. hackers 3-3: new firmware hackproof, certificate generator and repacked HelloOX won't let you in

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Nokia vs. Hackers 3-3

Until a week or so ago all Nokia S60 3rd and 5th ed. phones could be hacked with the HelloOX method. But now there are a few firmware versions out that resist HelloOX.

The damage so far: N96 firmware version 30.0.33, E51 400.34.011, E75 110.48.125, and the hackability of other new phone/firmware combinations is not clear yet.

Here's a list of all phones and firmware versions that can be hacked.

JULY 27, 2009 UPDATE:
The hackers have taken the lead again. HelloOX2 opens up phones and firmwares that Nokia tried to lock down.

AUGUST 19, 2009:
Improved version of HelloOX2

HelloOX 1.05, nothing new?

There's a program called HelloOX 1.05 floating around on many Symbian forums. Some say it works better than HelloOX 1.03, others say it's exactly the same file with a different name. The maker of HelloOX 1.01, 1.02, and 1.03 apparently has nothing to do with this repacked version, so don't expect it to do things that HelloOX 1.03 cannot do. According to this discussion on the Symbian Freak forum (signup/login required) HelloOX 1.05 is a hoax just like HelloOX 1.04.

"HelloOX 1.05" on Mobile Castle
"HelloOX 1.05" on Symbian Freak (signup/login required)
HelloOX 1.03
HelloOX 1.03 for Nokia N96

JULY 27, 2009 UPDATE:
HelloOX2 opens up phones and firmwares that Nokia tried to lock down.

AUGUST 19, 2009:
Improved version of HelloOX2

Drakkarious Certificate builder

If you can't hack your phone with HelloCarbide, you'll need HelloOX. Unfortunately you have to sign HelloOX with a developer certificate (DevCert) before you can install it on your phone, and these certificates are hard to get.

The Drakkarious Certificate builder is supposed to make a DevCert for you without having to post your phone's IMEI on the web. But most people who tried it reported that it didn't work, and some people even detected a trojan in the program, although this appears to be a false positive.

Drakkarious Certificate builder on Mobile Castle
Drakkarious Certificate builder discussion on Symbian Freak (signup/login required)
places where you might get a DevCert updated with new sites that provide developer certificates

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