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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Here and now from Nokia: here yes, now no

Nokia Here and now
Here and now is a location aware widget that shows weather and events, with more to be added later.

The latest update is supposed to fire up Nokia Maps when you click on a location in the events tab. I couldn't check this feature out, because Nokia's event page told me it is "temporarily not able to provide travel data due to technical difficulties."

The previous version of Here and now thought I was in Moscow when I was in Amsterdam, but the new edition got my location right.

Here and now still puts itself on top of your browser bookmarks without asking you first, and you can't delete the bookmark. If you have multiple internet connection options (for example, 3G and a few nearby Wi-Fi routers) Here and now just picks a connection without asking you how you want it to connect. Even worse, it changes the access point of your web browser without asking. So if you use Here and now near an open Wi-Fi access point and then move to another place, there's a good chance that your browser won't connect because of Here and now.

Want to get rid of Here and now? Then do so from the application manager in the settings folder. Here and now installs two programs, and hitting "remove" from your phone's menu only uninstalls one of them.

Here and now

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