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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Find music with YLLD Music Radar (not as good as Shazam iD), tune instruments with Chromatic Tuner

YLLD Music Radar, Chromatic Tuner
YLLD Music Radar

If you hear a song and you want to know its name and who made it, you can launch YLLD Music Radar and point your phone microphone to the music. YLLD Music Radar will record ten seconds of music, make a digital fingerprint, run it through an online database, and tell you what you're listening to.

Sounds familiar? That's because YLLD Music Radar does exactly the same as Shazam iD. YLLD Music Radar even uses Shazam's database. That's where the similarity ends. Shazam iD has a good and efficient user interface, YLLD only works in landscape mode so you have to twist your phone (or your head) to use it. Shazam iD has more options than YLLD Music Radar, and because YLLD is a mobile Java program instead of a real Symbian application it starts slower and bugs you with security warnings which you can't switch off on new Symbian versions.

My advice: forget about YLLD Music Radar untill they add portrait mode and port the code to Symbian. The only reason for using YLLD Music Launcher is if you can't install Shazam iD because your phone complains about certificate errors and changing the date doesn't fix it.

YLLD Music Radar on SymbianTalk (you can download the program with login details from BugMeNot) UPDATE: this link expired
Shazam iD

Chromatic Tuner

You can tune your guitar with Guitar Tuner Mobile, but what if you want to tune your piano, pan flute, or other instrument?

Then Chromatic Tuner does the job. It's an extremely simple program with a dial on your screen. If it points straight up you're in tune, if it points left or right you'll have to pull some strings. The latest program update fixes some bugs, works a little faster, and the user interace is polished up a bit.

Chromatic Tuner UPDATE: this link expired

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