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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Clear your mobile browser tracks with Cache Remover, download YouTube and RedTube movies to your phone

Symbian web browser cache cleaner Cache Remover, YouTube and RedTube mobile video downloader
Cache Remover

Been surfing sites you shouldn't have been looking at and now you need to destroy the evidence? Cache Remover clears the cache of Symbian's built-in web browser, and it purges the cache of Opera Mobile, Ozone, and UCWeb too.

To make Cache Remover work, you'll need to install it on drive C (your phone's internal memory), not on your memory card. You also need Python and the UltraPyModulePack.

Cache Remover

Download YouTube and RedTube movies to your phone

You can watch YouTube movies on your phone with Google's YouTube player, MobiTubia, vtap, SkyFire, and Opera Mini can send them to RealPlayer.

But what if you want to download YouTube movies to your phone for offline viewing later?

Just fire up your web browser and go to This is a very simple YouTube search site that lets you save YouTube videos on your phone. You can choose between different file formats (mp4, flv, 3gp, and 3gp mobile).

If you can't find your downloaded videos on your phone, then have a look on your memory card in E:\data\download.

There's a similar downloader for adult video site RedTube, but this only downloads movies in .flv format. It comes without a search engine so you'll have to copy/paste the RedTube code into the RedTube downloader site.

YouTube mobile downloader
YouTube mobile
RedTube downloader

UPDATE: The URL for the YouTube mobile downloader changed.

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