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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Free-iSMS now exports your messages (but doesn't restore them)

Free-iSMS threaded SMS, message scheduler, fake SMS, SMS backup
Free-iSMS by junnikokuki shows your SMSs in GMail- and iPhone-like threaded style. It can also schedule messages, and send fake SMSs to your inbox.

Free-iSMS threads messages from your in- and outbox only. It ignores messages in your custom SMS folders (Nokia Conversation shows them). The fake SMS option can only make fake incoming messages with the date set to 2009 or later. No fake outgoing messages, and no backdating to previous years.

The latest version of Free-iSMS can export your SMSs to a text file. Unfortunately it cannot restore them, so you can't use Free-iSMS as a backup and restore solution.

The new version is so new that it's not available from the official site yet. This always take a while with junnikokuki's programs, probably because the site contents have to be translated from chinese to english first. But you can get the latest update from Mobile Castle.

Free-iSMS official site
Free-iSMS v1.03 at Mobile Castle

Similar programs:
Smser (threaded SMS with password protection)
Nokia Conversation (also displays messages from your custom folders))

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