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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Nokia Map Loader Alternative points to new maps for Nokia Maps (Ovi Maps) 3.0 beta (and to the old maps too, of course)

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Getting maps for Nokia Maps/Ovi Maps on your phone without using a PC with Windows Vista or XP is much harder than it should be because Nokia thinks that they can ignore Mac and Linux users. They don't even have a Symbian version of their map download application! If you use Linux, if you have a Mac, if you want to load maps on your memory card straight from within Symbian, or if you can't install software without fighting with a system administrator (work, school, hotel, internet cafe, ...) Nokia Map Loader and Nokia Maps Updater are useless.

The Nokia Map Loader Alternative is a collection of links to all the maps and voice files on Nokia's very own Nokia Maps server. It works with any web browser, with any computer, with any operating system. It even works with your phone's web browser. Just download the maps you want and unzip 'em to the map folder on your phone's memory card. You don't need to install anything.

Nokia has new maps for Nokia Maps 3.0 beta, and now you can get them with the Nokia Map Loader Alternative too. Of course you can also get maps for Nokia Maps 2 (the latest non-beta version) and even for the old Nokia Maps 1.

Nokia Map Loader Alternative

Nokia Maps and Nokia Map Loader/Nokia Maps Updater
Nokia Maps 3.0 Beta from Nokia (requires Nokia Maps Updater)
Nokia Maps 3.0 Beta at (does not require Nokia Maps Updater)

UPDATE: Nokia Maps 3.0 is out of beta testing, and is now called Ovi Maps 3.0.

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