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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

New english translations of UCWEB 6.6 beta, better server software for Opera Mini

UCWEB and Opera Mini mobile Java and Symbian S60 mobile phone web browsers

Proxy-based mobile phone web browser UCWEB does tabbed browsing and compresses data for faster loading and less data traffic.

New beta test versions of this chinese program appear frequently, and english translations follow soon afterwards. The latest addition to the list is UCWEB beta translated by Shashank.

New: support for Symbian S60 5th ed., improved access point selection (shows signal strength too), left softkey shows search history, better download manager, improved bookmarks menu, and bug fixes.

UCWEB- beta translated by Shashank

The old official non-beta version of UCWEB is compatible with the patch by jbpseudo which removes the sponsored links from the start page, uses Google search without the limitations of the official program, and adds online synchronisation to the side panel.

UCWEB 6.3 (the latest official non-beta version)

Opera Mini

Proxy-based, data traffic-reducing mobile Java web browser Opera Mini uses new server software with lots of bugfixes, faster javascript dialogs, and a better layout of feeds in mobile view.

The improvements are all on the Opera Mini server, so you don't need to update your copy of Opera Mini to get the benefits of the upgrade.

If you don't have the latest version of Opera Mini yet, get it at:

Opera Mini

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