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Friday, 26 June 2009

AnyView eBook reader updated (try QReader too)

AnyView Java mobile phone eBook reader
(scroll down for QReader)

AnyView is an eBook reader that reads .txt, .html, .pdb, and .umd texts. It displays .gif, .jpg, and .png images too.

The latest update kills some bugs and adds cosmetic fixes. And it's a signed mobile Java application, so you can switch off all the annoying security warnings that often fill your screen when Java programs try to read your files.

So far, so good. But...

...AnyView crashed often on my phones, rendering of .html files took ages and was full of errors, and it couldn't open any of the .pdb files I fed to it. The latter problem may be because of the .pdb format itself, which comes in different flavours that share the same file extension.

If you can get AnyView to open your favourite books, you're lucky. But don't forget to check out some other eBook readers too. MobiReader opened all my eBooks in .mobi format (which AnyView can't read), and Book Reader by TequilaCat can turn many eBook formats into .jar files which open on just about every mobile phone that can handle Java.


Some sites with free eBooks:
Project Gutenberg

QReader is another free eBook reader. It reads .txt, .tcr, .prc, and .fb2 files. It's supposed to read .pdb texts too, but that didn't work on my phones.
The QReader website just has a download link and the text "will be updated soon." There's a review with screenshots on The list of supported phones dates from the early Feature Pack 1 days, but QReader also works on my FP2 Nokia.

Thanks for the tip, gediminas.

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i use qreader