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Monday, 15 June 2009

Write, read, and translate with DEdit, Book Reader, and BabelDict

DEdit Symbian text editor, Book Reader, eBook reader, BabelDict, dictionary program, word translation tool
DEdit: new test version

JBak DEdit does more than the built-in Notes application of your phone. It can handle large text files, has search & replace options, and you can use (and search) bookmarks to find your way in your texts.

The latest release candidate of DEdit makes it easier to navigate within texts and pages, and it remembers the last used font.

This version is so new that it's not on the official JBak site yet, but you can get it from Mobile Castle.

JBak DEdit
JBak DEdit v0.76 R12 on Mobile Castle

Book Reader by TequilaCat

Book Reader by TequilaCat is a Windows program that creates eBooks in .jar format (which work on almost all phones out there). You can make eBooks from many input formats, including DOC (MS Word) and PDF.

Book Reader by TequilaCat


BabelDict is a mobile Java program that translates words between 8 languages: english, spanish, french, portuguese, italian, dutch, german, and hungarian.

The official site offers a .jad file, which fires up the mobile internet connection of your phone to download the corresponding .jar file. But you can download both files to your computer from the GetJar site.

Unfortunately BabelDict requires a mobile internet connection, so translating foreign words when you are abroad may be expensive due to high data roaming rates. If you'd rather have an offline dictionary, get MDictionary, or try DictionaryForMIDs, for Java, KODi, or JLearnIt.

BabelDict (.jad file only)
BabelDict at GetJar (.jad and .jad files)

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