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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Browse system folders with File Manager

File Manager ROMPatcher patch for hacked Symbian phones
The file manager that comes with Symbian is crippled. It only shows you part of the contents of your phone memory and memory card.

But now there's a ROMPatcher patch for hacked phones that forces File Manager to show the contents of your system folders.

It doesn't give you full control over your system folders. It lets you browse the "private" and "sys" folders of your memory card, but not on your phone's built-in memory. And you don't get full write access to your system folders.

For full control you should hack your phone and use a real file manager like ActiveFile, Y-Browser, or X-plore. But if you only want a quick'n'dirty method to browse the system folders on your memory card without plugging it into a computer, the File Manager patch will do.

File Manager patch on Symbian Freak (login/signup required)
File Manager patch (open for everyone)

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