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Friday, 13 February 2009

HelloOX 1.03: one step hack for Symbian S60 3rd ed. phones, and for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic too

HelloOX Symbian hack, install unsigned programs and more
HelloOX by bugb is a simple way to hack Symbian on phones with firmware that resists the old HelloCarbide method. With HelloOX you can install unsigned programs and give yourself full access to Symbian's system folders on your phone, so you can customise the way your mobile phone looks and behaves in ways that are impossible on locked down systems.

You used to have to sign and install HelloOX together with MapDrives, and remove the mapped drives that it created by rebooting your phone. ROMPatcher was also installed by default, which could cause problems on some Feature Pack 2 phones.

But not anymore. Hacking your phone with HelloOX is now a simple process with just one program that does it all for you. Sign, install, run, ready.

HelloOX on the Symbian Freak forum (login/signup required)
HelloOX 1.03 with extended installation guide
List of phones firmware versions that can be hacked fully or partially
• All Symbian hacks indexed


You can now patch installserver.exe on new firmware too, so you can install programs without having to sign them first.

There's a special version of HelloOX with ROMPatcher for the Nokia N96.

JULY 27, 2009 UPDATE
There's a new version of HelloOX. HelloOX2 opens up phones that Nokia tried to lock down.

Improved version of HelloOX2


altered.ego said...

That's good news. Maybe I'm ready to upgrade my N95-1 to v31 now. :)

Hadi E said...

Thanks for keeping us updated

Andy said...

I hacked my phone with this method. NO CERTIFICATE REQUIRED!!! I uploaded the sis file to my webserver, downloaded it through my phone browser and it worked. Now hacked my phone again!

symbian underground said...

Without certificate? Sounds interesting. Which phone and firmware? Maybe you still had a copy of installserver.exe in c:\sys\bin from a previous hack?

Andy said...

I don't think the old hack was still in there as the old rompatcher didn't work, and I was unable to access C:\sys from xplore.

I've upgraded twice since v20, currently running V31!

Anonymous said...

i have a n95 firmware 31.0.017
and i have tried all methods to hack it but i there any other way of hacking it?
becoz trk,secman,hellocarbide and helloox all do not install on ma phone i dont know why i m tierd of it now plz any one help me my name is muddassar
and my email is
plz any one reply on my email.thanks

jacky chain said...

i want to hack the talkonaut user name& passward what should for this

Deo said...

i hav a n78 firmware 21.002 updated yesterday, now i want to hack my cell, i install Xplore, hellocarbide, when i press menu1 in hellocarbide, it close so that it doesn't create sys/bin folder so i can't hack my phone plz help me!!!!!!!
Is new firmware hackable or not?????
PLZ reply me at my email-

symbian underground said...

>>Deo: when i press menu1 in hellocarbide...<<

HelloCarbide doesn't work with firmware v21. You need the new HelloOX hack.

n_ribeiro5401 said...

I have also an N78 with v21 firmware and I've tried many ways to hack it but no sucess. Anyone with this phone and this firmware tried to hack it with sucess? Please tell us how to do it. Thanks

Stosh said...

I have N78-NAM with fw v21. My interest in HelloOx is to gain access to protected/system files for some apps like operator logo changing and changing the sound on phone start-up. I have a key and cert from OPDA so installing unsigned apps is not my concern with hacking. I have read that Ox 1.03 is a partial hack for N78 v21 and that a few portions of Ox are optional to intall. This sounds good to me because I only want a hack that changes access rights to sys folders. Will i have this with 1.03? ALSO, I would have already tried Ox 1.03 but I was not able to find out if the hack is able to be completely removed say, with a hard reset or some other method. Any info would be appreciated.

Surferride said...

Hi, I am driving crazy to hack my new Nokia E63 phone to be able to install unsigned SIS software.

I have some doubts, and I dont like the idea of sending my IMEI to someone. Is there a way I can SIGN each SIS file I have to be able to install on my phone?

Please any help if you can send me an email to surferride2004(AT) will be really appreaciated.



CW said...

I wonder can this work on E71? Is there any step by step procedure how to do this?

I OPDA method to get they key and cert is too much hassle.

poldan78 said...

hello..i use n78 fw 21.002, i've downloaded helloOx 1.03, and when i try to install it,the phone said certificate error.

do i have to earn cert key from OPDA?

symbian underground said...

Yes, you'll need to sign HelloOX with a "17 capabilities" certificate, and right now OPDA is one of the very few places where you can get them.

When you've hacked your phone you can install all programs on your phone without signing them first, but in order to install HelloOX you'll have to go through the signing hell once.

Alex Gudov said...

I've used HelloOX to hack the phone and it worked (i.e i can install unsigned apps). But my n-gage doesn't work - games don't start. How can i fix that? Anyone knows?
I've got N95-1 v31.

Alex Gudov said...

Nevermind, i figured it out. To play the games, you just need to disable "open4all" in the ROMPatcher.

Stosh said...

getting a cert and key from OPDA so you can sign and install OX... to install unsigned apps... seems kinda redundant. Once you get the key and cert from opda, you can just sign almost all apps with the key and cert (with "signsis" app of course) rather than hacking your phone to get the same result. This of course applies only if your sole purpose for hacking is to install unsigned apps. If you want to use ox for other purposes, it may not be redundant. I still would like to know all of the things you can do with OX 1.03. I have not used/installed ox yet. Still deciding whether or not I want to.

symbian underground said...

Hacking lets you do much more than just installing unsigned programs.

If all you want to do is install unsigned programs, you can just sign 'em with the OPDA cert instead of using HelloOX.

But you'll have to sign every program when you install something new. And every update too. With HelloOX and the installserver ROMPatcher patch you don't need to sign all your programs one by one.

Wilson Lacerda said...

NEW FIRMWARE for Nokia E51 400.34.011 (26-05-2009), bad news:
- HelloOx 1.03 not working anymore
- RomPatcher/HelloCarbide not working anymore
- Y:\.sys\Bin\Installserver.exe not working anymore (in fact can't see Y anymore)
- tried HelloOx 1.03 for N96 and does not work also

Seems we need (again) the help of the (good) Symbian developers! Hope they can hack this as soon as possible.

ManaS said...

plz help me with n79 v 20.175

Simon said...

i updated my n78 to FW 30.011. Signed Ox 1.03 using OPDA cert. but failed. Stuck at Installing Rootcert.
Is that normal?

Simon said...

i had my N78 update to FW 30.011. i cant my Ox 1.03 working. It goes half way Installing Rootcert and stuck there for very long.
I signed my ox with OPDA cert.

Yorch said...

I've been tryin' to hack a N96 with 12.043 symbian version. None of the HelloOX neither ROMPatcher versions(signed or unsigned) mentioned here and in symbian uderground forums could start.

Any other hints, please?!?!?

Wilson Lacerda said...

New version:

symbian underground said...

Hi Simon,

If HelloOX freezes, running it again will usually make it work. Sometimes you need to try a few times.

If HelloOX manages to install ROMPatcher for you, you don't really need the rootcert, because it's much easier to use the installserver.exe patch for ROMPatcher to install unsigned programs.

symbian underground said...

@ Yorch:

The people at the Symbian Freak forum should be able to help you out. They made the hack.

Good luck.

dzbel said...

hello, i already tried the helloOx n its really works even my n82 was update to v30. u have try more than 1 time to succeed.

Candra87 said...

Nice Info

Hack Your Phone With HelloOx Metode

n said...

Careful, does not work on E72 with the latest firmware.

smocx:design said...

does anybody know how to hack nokia n78 updated firmware 21.002??? and does anybody know how to downgrade from 21.002 to 20.149??

i tried the latest hello0X 2.4 but it doesnt work at all..

please help me with this..tq very much..

Eskimojay said...

@Alex Gudov plz i need ur help i just updated my nokia n95 to v31.0.017 and have been searching for any hack softwear for my phone. how did u get urs to work? plz u can mail me cus i downloaded hellocarbide.sisx and did nt open d C:sys folder. thanks guys

Nalinda said...

hi friends

i want to inform about power boot software for s60v3 . i have problem after installation that cause to other software not to work . please think before use it

Electro said...

hi. i own a nokia c5-00 with 062.1 firmware. i installed Field Test 9.1 and 9.2 and the phone shows "x" values instead of real figures. any idea ? thanks.