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Sunday, 21 June 2009

SigWatch monitors your mobile phone network signal strength

SigWatch mobile phone network signal strength monitor for Python (Symbian S60)
SigWatch plots the signal strength of your mobile phone network over time. This can be very useful if you're in a remote area, or in a builing with heavy concrete walls and bad network coverage. Just run SigWatch, walk around, and look at the graph to see which places have the best mobile network signal.

You need to have Python installed to use SigWatch. Install Python programs (and Python itself) on your phone's built-in memory, not on your memory card.

The SigWatch site on is very programmer oriented. Mobile Castle has a more user friendly SigWatch page and download link.

SigWatch v1.0.0 at Mobile Castle

Python (required to run SigWatch)

1 comment:

pav_cz said...

It just draws the number of signal bars from the main display... So, useless :)

Use Energy Profiler or FieldTest for a useful, exact readout.