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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Y-Browser updated but lacks finishing touch

Y-Browser Symbian file manager
Y-Browser is an alternative for Symbian's own, limited file manager.

Unlike Symbian's own file browser, Y-Browser shows the system folders of your phone, and if you've set your phone free you can open those folders and modify their contents. And you can add plugins to make it do things like display text files and handle ZIP files.

Y-Browser is not the best file manager for Symbian. ActiveFile and X-plore do wat Y-Browser does, and more. And you don't need to install plugins to make 'em do it.

But... changes in latest version of Y-Browser and its plugins are meant to make the program work on touchscreen phones. That doesn't work very well yet (browsing works, typing doesn't), but the competition isn't ready for touchscreens either. So if you have a hacked Nokia 5800 XM and need a somewhat functional file browser to look into the system folders, Y-Browser may be the file browser for you.


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