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Saturday, 18 October 2008

A folder of new Nokia Maps

Nokia Maps
The people at Nokia who make Nokia Maps and Nokia Map Loader don't like me. And I guess they don't like Trek1701 anymore either.

Because Trek1701 hit the "contact" link at the bottom of this page and wrote that he caught Nokia's Map Loader pulling its maps from a new folder. They used to come from 0.0.12h, a subfolder of maploaderzip on But now the maps come from 0.0.13h.

In good old Nokia style, the powers that be at Nokia HQ didn't deem us mortals worthy of a change log. So we can only guess what's new. Better maps? More details? Better coverage of the long and winding roads of Calcutta and Manila? Or is it just a celebratory folder switch because of the brand new map loader for Mac OS X Leopard?

If you find anything new in Nokia's latest maps, please hit the contact link at the bottom of this page. Nokia won't like it, but the rest of the planet will.

The new maps are all available through the Nokia Map Loader Alternative.

Trek1701, thanks for the update!

Nokia Maps (official site)
Nokia Map Loader for Mac at Nokia Beta Labs (halfway official)
Nokia Map Loader Alternative (as unofficial as it gets, now with the latest maps from the new folder)

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