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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

MyNotes: interface needs a major overhaul

MyNotes, notes, Symbian program, mobile Java application
Symbian's built-in Notes application does what it's supposed to do, but mobile Java notebook MyNotes does a little more. With MyNotes you can organise your notes into (virtual) folders, and set a password to keep other people out of your secret writings.

Version 1.03 learned how to speak spanish, and it sports some minor bug fixes. So far, so good. But the MyNotes site says the program has a "handy user interface." Unfortunately that interface didn't change, even though it badly needs an overhaul:

- The central key on the navigation pad doesn't do anything. You have to do everything with the left and right softkeys. When MyNotes refused to respond to the central button I thought the program was broken.

- You can scroll up and down a list of folders with the up and down navigation keys, but the left and right navigation keys don't do anything. Why not use the right navigation key to open a subfolder, and the left navigation key to go back to its parent folder?

- You can't delete notes with the delete key.

- MyNotes doesn't show what it's made for - your notes - on launch. Things like "settings" and "service" can sit in a menu under one of the softkeys.

- MyNotes is written in mobile Java, and it takes a long time to start up. MyNotes as a native Symbian application would run a lot faster.

But even though MyNotes launches slow and the user interface needs a makeover, the program is worth a try because of its folder organisation and password protection.


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