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Thursday, 23 October 2008

New Nimbuzz doesn't drain your battery as fast as before

Nimbuzz SIP VoIP chat instant messaging messenger
Mobile multi network instant messenger and VoIP client Nimbuzz lets you chat and call on Skype, does voice calls with almost every VoIP service that handles standard SIP calls, and connects to AIM, GoogleTalk, Jabber, MSN, and Yahoo for chats, file transfers, and voice chats too.

The big orange icon is ugly as ever: an eyesore in your menu and on your active standby screen. But the program did improve. The new Nimbuzz version 1.0 has a slightly altered menu structure, a few more preconfigured SIP providers (did they pay Nimbuzz for the exposure?), and offline chat options for more networks than before.

But the number one reason to update your copy of Nimbuzz: it's power consumption has gone down a bit, so your battery lasts a little longer.

For the time being, Nimbuzz is ahead of fring in terms of battery life, memory requirements, and sound quality. But the world of mobile VoIP and chat spins fast, so stay tuned.


Nimbuzz alternatives:
Update: fring is no longer a multi-network messenger. They kicked 'em all out, fring now only works on it's own fring network. My advice: don't use fring.

Talkonaut (Talkonaut doesn't do Skype)


Anonymous said...

Nimbuzz is a great app but it is absolutely NOT superior to fring in terms of battery consumption. On the contrary, even the newest version of Nimbuzz, which is supposed to be improved in this respect, uses way more power than fring, probably due to the frequent pings which keep the power hungry data connection active. They should really do something about this because in all other ways Nimbuzz is a winner in the IM field but this battery problem is a major downer.

Anonymous said...

Nimbuzz really have a lack on battery side, could drain my E90 original battery within 3,5hours while cheap battery only last 1 hour. So it is not so good.
The text size too big, not recommended for a long last chatting, since is kinda hard to scroll many rows upward.