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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Lock access to your phone apps with ActiveLock

ActiveLock Symbian security
The web browser of your Symbian phone stores cookies with login details, credit card numbers, and other personal info that you wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands.

And do you have one of those multi network instant messaging programs on your phone that makes life easy by remembering your login names and passwords? An email program? Is there anything in your calendar or the Symbian Notes application that you don't want to share with everyone? What about your Skype and other VoIP login info stored by fring or Nimbuzz? All the messages from your girlfriend that your wife shouldn't read?

Enter ActiveLock by Alie Tan, who also gave us the Jack of all trades file manager ActiveFile.

ActiveLock lets you set PIN code for any program you like, so that only you can use them. Your girlfriend, teenage son, mother, parole officer, or that asshole of a thief who's gonna steal your phone tomorrow... with ActiveLock on your phone nobody will be able to launch all those applications with sensitive data if they don't know your PIN.

ActiveLock works on just about every Symbian 60 Nokia out there. It's still new and experimental and in beta testing and unsigned, but with your own developer certificate, a trip to Open Signed Online, or the hack that allows you to ignore Symbian Signed completely you can install ActiveFile on your phone and keep the unwanted out of your data.

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