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Friday, 3 October 2008

Nokia Chat: bug fixes, but no version for feature pack 2 yet

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Nokia Chat is Nokia's instant messaging program that connects to a modest number of networks: Nokia's own chat network, GoogleTalk, and other Jabber-based IM networks.

Nokia Chat works with Symbian S60 version 3.1 (feature pack 1), version 3.0 (no feature pack), and Maemo OS2008, the Linux-based operating system for Nokia internet tablets N800 and N810.

It doesn't work on Symbian S60 version 3.2 (feature pack 2).

New in the latest version of Nokia Chat: auto-reconnecting (when the connection is lost), memory management, and a few other things should be less buggy now.

Nokia Chat doesn't work on ICQ, MSN, AIM, or Yahoo. For those networks you'll need a program like fring, Slick, Talkonaut, or eBuddy. All these programs also work on GoogleTalk too.

Nokia Chat on the Nokia Beta Labs site

Configure your PC IM client for the Nokia Chat Network

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