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Monday, 13 October 2008

New Nokia E90 firmware can't be hacked yet: think twice before you update

Symbian S60
Nokia doesn't like freedom. They especially hate your freedom to control your own phone. The latest firmware for the Nokia N82 resists hacking by all known methods, the N96 was never hackable to begin with, and now there's a new firmware version for the Nokia E90 which (surprise, surprise) can not be set free with any of the currently available methods.

FCA, the developer of the original AppTRK and HelloCarbide hacking methods, is working on a fix. Unfortunately, nobody knows if he'll succeed or how long it will take. So before you install new firmware on your Nokia, you better ask yourself if its really worth getting locked out of the interesting parts of your phone. Once the new firmware sits on your Nokia there is no way back.

(Well, there is a way back, but you need special equipment to flash your phone with the old firmware version. For all practical purposes this means there's no way back for you.)

If you didn't update your firmware yet, or if you want to know what you're gonna miss if you do, have a look at:

• Step by step guides to hack Symbian, install unsigned programs, make backups without PC Suite, customise menus and icons, switch off the camera shutter sound, and more on
list of phones and firmware versions that can be hacked
• The modding section of the Symbian Freak forum (login or signup required)

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Anonymous said...


After 2 weeks of high and low, I finally found an answer to why all solution dont work for me, I just update my firmware

Cheer for all that I lost