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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Nokia Email beta 3.0 trial available everywhere

Nokia Email
After a shaky start in which beta test version 3.0 of Nokia's email client was slowly rolled out across the globe, with some parts of the planet completely shut off from, it looks like the site is now open for all.

That doesn't necessarily mean you can try it on your phone. There are still plenty of Symbian S60 Nokias that can't test Nokia Email.

So what's new for those who have a compatible phone? This is what Nokia has to say about it:

• Localization. We’re now localized into six different languages, including full support for international characters, which has been a very popular request from our beta testers from all around the world. This release localized in English, Finnish, German, Dutch, Latin American Spanish and Iberian Spanish.
• More email addresses. Now Nokia Email lets you get mail from up to 6 email addresses, each in its own mailbox yet all in one place, and makes composing from any account seamless.
• More phones. Nokia Email service is available on more of the most popular Nokia S60 devices, including many of the latest S60 3.2 devices like the N96 and the N78.
[I checked five minutes ago on, but the N96 was not on the list of supported phones yet]
• Better mailbox management. When you delete an email on your Nokia phone, it will be deleted from your email account. We’ve enabled this for both IMAP and POP accounts.

Nokia Email Service is free during the beta trial, but will probably cost money once the test is over. HTML email doesn't work yet, folder support is a work in progress, push email sucks your battery dry real quick, the program starts and runs slow, and there are still bugs aplenty.

And instead of letting you download an installer, Nokia wants you to do an on-the-fly install from an SMS, probably to stop you from making a backup of the installer or sharing it with your friends. The people at Mobile Castle have fixed that problem, but you'll still have to sign up on the Nokia email site to make their email service work.

Not scared yet? Then give Nokia Email beta 3.0 a shot and send your feedback to Nokia's email blog.
Nokia Email beta 3.0 at Mobile Castle

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