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Monday, 27 October 2008

Kill camera shutter sound on old Nokias without feature pack 1 or 2

symbianism turn off camera shutter sound
Do you hate that annoying camera shutter sound on your Symbian phone? You're not alone. Fortunately there are ways to shoot pictures without camera noise.

The easiest way: install cCam to make pictures without sound. Unfortunately this program gives you way less options than the native camera application, and cCam doesn't shoot video.

But if you hack Symbian you have more options.

If you have a Nokia N82, N95, or another Nokia that has the file z:Sys\Bin\CamMojave.exe, just hack your phone and use this ROMPatcher method to silence your camera.

If you have a Nokia E66, E71, N82, N95, 6120 Classic, 6110 Navigator, or another Nokia with the file z:\sys\bin\camcorder.exe, hack your phone and use this method to keep your camera quiet.

But what if you have an older phone like the Nokia 5500 or N73 that doesn't have feature pack 1 or 2? This old version of Symbian is also known as Symbian 9.1 S60 version 3.0. Yes, I know, the Symbian and S60 numbering schemes are totally ridiculous.

For those old phones there's another ROMPatcher method.

Step 1: hack your phone, install ROMPatcher on it, and disable "caps" in the options menu of ROMPatcher. You'll find detailed tutorials on

Step 2: Download and install the C before Z patch. Installation instructions are in the text file that comes with the download.

Step 3: Download this camera patch file and use a program like ActiveFile or X-plore to copy it into E:\patches on your memory card.

Step 4: Download these silent sound files and copy them into C:\System\sounds\digital.

Step 5: Open ROMPatcher, select "Patch" in the options menu, and activate the camera patch.

• This tutorial is based on the instructions in the closed modding section of the Symbian Freak forum.

• Check the camera sound label for ways to fight the camera shutter sound.


arief said...

dear friends.

got problem when doing those steps. my "camerapatch" seemed did not run. the colour was red with cross sign.

help please.

my cell is e71

thx bro

symbianism said...

For E71 you need this method:

arief said...

Thank you very very much yaa... :)

sophie said...

I have a Nokia E65 and I wanted to let you know that the "Camera Patch" both doesn't work and is unnecessary - all it is is an output from c2z anyway. All you need is c2x and the WAV files - it works just fine then. :)