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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Mobile Calling Card Dialer saves pushing a bunch of buttons

Mobile Calling Card DialerUpdate: This app died, just like Symbian.

Calling from your mobile phone can be expensive, especially when roaming. Prepaid calling cards can save you lot of money, but you have to punch many, many, many buttons on your phone to stop your mobile operator from extorting their ridiculous roaming rates from you.

Enter Mobile Caling Card Dialer from self-proclaimed wannabee mobile geek Hamidou Diallo.

Mobile Calling Card Dialer is an application in mobile Java that simply does its not too demanding job. Let the program save the details of your calling cards and you no longer need to feed them into your phone again and again everytime you want to make a cheap call on the move.

The Mobile Calling Card Dialer site

Direct links to the installer files so you can back 'em up and don't need to do an online on-the-fly install:

Mobile Calling Card Dialer 2.0 .jar file
Mobile Calling Card Dialer 2.0 .jad file

Update: This app died, just like Symbian.


SimonP said...

I tried this today (9th October) and the site is down :(

symbianism said...

Keep trying. I went there a minute ago and the site was up and running.