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Friday, 17 October 2008

To The Point: TTP shows your favourite pictures with a minimum of clicks

To The Point TTP Symbian picture viewer
Do you have hundreds of pictures on your phone's memory card? Do you hate the way Symbian's built-in gallery has a coffee, picks its nose, spanks its monkey, smokes a cigarette, and keeps you waiting forever while it loads all pictures from each and every dark and distant corner of your memory card and the built-in memory of your phone?

You can speed things up a lot with Resco Viewer. A great alternative for the picture part of the gallery. It's a lot faster, and you can make it display only those (folders of) pictures that you want. But you have to pay for a Resco license to use their viewer after the two week trial runs out. Their registration codes are locked to the IMEI of your phone. If you switch phones, you'll need to transfer your license to make it work with the new IMEI, but the Resco website doesn't tell you how to do that, or if it's possible at all.

To The Point comes to the resco, err rescue of those who do not want to pay. TTP is a simple photo viewer that shows exactly what you want, and not a pixel more. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Resco Viewer, because To The Point is very to the point. And it's free. And the license that you do not need to buy can be transfered from one phone to another as many times as you like.

The user interface of To The Point has its less than intuitive points, but Simo Huopio is working on it. For free.

Nokia's gallery sucks. Resco Viewer costs money for a license of uncertain duration. To The Point is to the point. For your free copy that's yours to keep forever, point your browser to:

To The Point by Simo Huopio

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