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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Turn your 3G phone into a wireless router with JoikuSpot Light

JoikuSpot Symbian mobile phone 3G UMTS Wi-Fi internet connection
JoikuSpot Light connects your 3G connection with Wi-Fi to turn your mobile phone in a wireless router. So if there's no open Wi-Fi signal around but your phone can go online by 3G (UMTS etc.), you can share your phone's internet connection with your laptop, PDA, or iTouch without having to deal with cables, complex programs, etc.

New in the latest version of JoikuSpot Light: more languages, automatic reconnection when your 3G connection drops, and JoikuSpot Light now works with the latest lineup of Nokia phones that come with feature pack 2.

Something that should have changed but didn't: Joiku still can't handle WPA wireless encryption. That means you can only secure your connection with the obsolete WEP method, which is easily cracked by those in the know. So better check who's in range before you send any sensitive data over your wireless Joiku connection.

JoikuSpot Light is free, but only supports http and https. In plain english, this means that you can use JoikuSpot Light to surf the web, but not for email of the POP or IMAP type used by email programs like Thunderbird or Outlook. And not for P2P file sharing, media streaming, or FTP either. For some of these things there are standard www alternatives (webmail, for example), but if you can't live with the limitations of JoikuSpot Light there's a €15 premium version that does all the internet protocols.

JoikuSpot Light at (free, but limited to http and https)

I couldn't find any useful info on the Joiku site about a trial version of JoikuSpot Premium. Where to get it, how long does the trial last, can you test all features, that sort of thing. Mobile Castle has a way to take JoikuSpot Premium for a test drive for those who want to try before you buy and know how to install unsigned Symbian programs:

JoikuSpot Premium at Mobile Castle (unofficial trial edition, no limits)

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