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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

New beta test version of Symbian file manager FExplorer

FExplorer Symbian file manager
X-plore, ActiveFile, Y-Browser, SExplorer... there's no shortage of Symbian file managers out there.

FExplorer is one of them. The new beta test version (no changelog on the FExplorer site) needs a bit more work, though. The screenshot function requires an edit key, which is absent on most new Nokias. Its bluetooth manager doesn't work yet, and clicking "installed applications" just generates a text file with your installed programs in a format that's not at all pleasant to read.

The tools menu also has an entry with the enigmatic name "TEST TEST," which rotates the FExplorer screen by 90 degrees.

The basic functions of FExplorer work OK, but ActiveFile and X-plore do it better.

You need to hack your phone or "sign" FExplorer with a developer certificate for full functionality. To unleash the full potential of FExplorer, set your copy of Symbian free.

FExplorer site

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