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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Official english version of UCWEB 6.3, unofficial UCWEB patch for clean start page and full Google search

UCWEB Symbian S60 mobile phone web browser
Proxy based, data compressing mobile web browser UCWEB 6.3 completed beta testing some time ago, but the official version was available in chinese only. There were unofficial, unsigned english translations all over the web, but now there's an official english version.

UCWEB 6.3 features an improved user interface and it can save form data automatically, so you don't have to enter the same text on web forms again and again. This comes in addition to the usual UCWEB features such as tabbed browsing and more customisation options than any other mobile web browser. The skins are a nice touch too, especially the night version that lets you browse in dark lecture halls without the bright light of your phone giving you away.

There's still stuff to fix, though. UCWEB doesn't support T9 predictive text yet, the sidebar with links to the built-in email client and rss feed reader speaks chinese instead of english, and the "Clear" menu keeps forgetting that I want it to delete my cookies.

The advantage of going official? If you use the official version you can use the patch by jbpseudo that removes the sponsored links from the start page, uses Google search without the limitations of the official program, and adds an online synchronisation option to the side panel.

UCWEB from
jbpseudo's UCWEB patch

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