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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

UCWEB: new unofficial beta test versions with bug fixes and new features

UCWEB Symbian S60 mobile phone web browser
The english version of proxy based, data compressing, mobile Java web browser UCWEB 6.5 beta is out. UCWEB is a browser with a cluttered look, but it has many useful features. Tabbed browsing is what really sets UCWEB apart from the competition.

In addition to a handful of bug fixes, the new UCWEB edition sports auto refresh, an option to block downloads, auto text completion, and optional caching on your memory card (which may be useful if you're short on built-in phone memory).

UCWEB 6.5 beta translated by Akushah (unsigned)
UCWEB 6.5 beta translated by Naveen Rajan (unsigned)

UCWEB (latest official non-beta version, signed)

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