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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Mobiquus push email

Mobiquus push email for Symbian mobile phones
Mobiquus is a new push email service. The email client is a mobile Java program, so it should work on all Symbian phones.

The service works, but the user interface of Mobiquus needs to be improved. Mobiquus doesn't use T9 predictive text, and input of special characters is a mess. For example, the @ symbol is hidden under the #1 key and long-pressing a number doesn't put the number on your screen.

Mobiquus will only push email from a single email account. If you want to use multiple email accounts, you'll need to create multiple Mobiquus accounts, and type in your email address and password everytime you want to switch email account.

Before you can use Mobiquus you'll need to sign up on their website. Mobiquus shares a bad habit with GMail: the small print in their terms of service says they'll finance their service with contextual advertising, i.e. ads based on the content of your emails.


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