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Thursday, 16 April 2009 player Mobbler with sleep timer, PowerMP3 with equaliser and online album art

Mobbler radio scrobbler, PowerMP3 m3 media music player

Mobbler plays radio stations on your Symbian phone, and it scrobbles tracks from Symbian's built-in music player to to help you find similar types of music.

Mobbler now comes with a built-in sleep timer. It can display your friends, playlist, recently played tracks, recommended artists, and shoutbox. You can play radio with scrobbling switched off, and there's gesture support for phones with an accelerometer.


fring can play radio too

• keep your tracks with the Last.FM Downloader for Windows


PowerMP3 is still in beta testing, but it's already the best music player for Symbian. It plays mp3, ogg, aac, and mp4 files, it plays your m3u playlists, it has a sleeptimer, and an "exclude" option for small files and files of low bitrate (to keep your ringtones out of your music library). It displays album art, and it can download it for you too.

PowerMP3 sorts your music by mp3 tag like Symbian's own player, and it plays folders the way LCG Jukebox does. PowerMP3 is the closest to WinAmp you can get on a Symbian phone.

And now the equaliser works too.

Mobifactor will probably charge money when the beta test is over, so use it for free while you still can. If you're lucky the beta test version will keep playing forever.

PowerMP3 v1.05 at Mobile Castle

On some phones PowerMP3 v1.05 may cause an error message whenever you close some programs (such as Total Recall and BTSwitch). To get rid of the error, replace v1.05 by the previous version until a newer version becomes available.

PowerMP3 beta 2 from Mobifactor
PowerMP3 beta 2 at Mobile Castle

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