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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Bolt web browser updated but there's still plenty left to fix

Bolt mobile phone web browser Symbian Java
Proxy-based mobile Java web browser Bolt compresses data traffic but keeps the original page layout. Well, sort of. It shows bold and italic text as regular text, and it has problems with web forms and pulldown menus. Predictive text doesn't work either, so entering URLs or other text is harder than it should be.

The latest version of Bolt comes with improved magnification, landscape view, faster scrolling, a more efficient user interface, and a few other improvements (for a full list of changes click here).

Bolt has a pretty good and responsive user interface and its split screen mode is a nice touch, but the main reason for using bolt is to watch video. Unfortunately this is where Bolt fails miserably. Competing video capable browser Skyfire is slow and has many other issues too, but at least Skyfire shows web videos right, which is something that Bolt doesn't do yet.

You need to hand over your email address to download Bolt from the official site, but you can download it directly from Mobile Castle.

Bolt official website (download requires signup)
Bolt beta2 (v0.94) at Mobile Castle (download open for all)

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