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Sunday, 26 April 2009

DEdit, Ped, MyNotes, and MDictionary for texts, notes, and words

DEdit Symbian text editor, MyNotes note application, MDictionary dictionary program, word translation tool
DEdit and Ped

Text editor DEdit does more than the built-in Notes application of your phone. DEdit works with large text files, has search & replace options, and you can use bookmarks to find your way in your texts.

The latest version lets you search in bookmarks. It's so new that you won't find it on the official site yet, but Mobile Castle offers a sneak preview.

DEdit official site
DEdit v0.76 R10 on Mobile Castle

My mobile text editor of choice keeps changing, because programs change and I don't believe in brand loyalty. My current favourite is Ped, a no nonsense text editor with a simple but effective user interface.



MyNotes offers more than Symbian's built-in Notes application. MyNotes can protect your notes with a password and organise them into folders.

The latest version of MyNotes lets you encrypt your notes. Unfortunately it's written in mobile Java so it starts up a bit slow.



Word translator MDictionary combines a simple, efficient interface with an increasing number of language pairs. The latest edition adds english to dutch, french, italian, and finnish.



Hadi E said...

DEdit's UI looks like Jbak's
Are they from the same developer?

symbian underground said...

DEdit and TaskMan are both from JBak.