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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Take time, take notes: QuickStopwatch and SafeNote

QuickStopwatch Stopwatch SafeNote timer notes Symbian S60 mobile phone

All mobile phones have a free stopwatch built in. It's been like that for ages. Well, almost all mobile phones. Symbian S60 phones come without a stopwatch.

But there's QuickStopwatch, a very simple mobile Java stopwatch program. No split timers, no laps, just a single clock that counts up. It can be paused, and that's the only extra.

For more options there's Stopwatch, which can run five different clocks simultaneously and includes split and lap timing.


Phat^Trance from Daily Mobile mailed me about a stopwatch for the touchscreen Nokia 5800 XpressMusic:
Timer for Nokia 5800

If you need a free countdown timer, there's Buzzer:


SafeNote stores notes in groups such as "business," "personal," and any groups you make yourself. You can search for text within a note, but you can't search all notes at once. It comes with optional password protection to keep you notes private.

SafeNote has no backup and restore option of its own, but with the latest version your notes are backed up when you back up the contents of your phone from the Symbian file manager or data manager.


If you don't like SafeNote, try MyNotes:

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rakesh said...

Really a stopwatch app is must for S60 phones. Linked to your blog in my post