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Friday, 17 April 2009

Mobile RSS Reader for feeds & Redwing for email have something to fix

Mobile RSS Reader for feeds & Redwing for email
Mobile RSS Reader

If you don't like the feed reader of your mobile web browser, mobile Java program Mobile RSS Reader is an alternative. It stores its data on your phone, which keeps costs down for those who pay for data by the megabyte. And it can display all you feeds in one giant "river of feeds," sorted any way you like.

The latest version fixes a long list of bugs, but that doesn't mean you can retire your old feed reader. Mobile RSS Reader does a good job at reading feed headlines and summaries, but if you want to read the full story it opens your phone's default web browser, which does not display all feeds properly. My default Nokia browser choked on my own blog on Google's Feedburner.

Mobile RSS Reader


Redwing is a simple, bare bones email application written in mobile Java. It has two major flaws:

1) You need to enter port numbers for all servers. It won't use the default email ports on its own.

2) On my phones Redwing couldn't connect to any of the 3 email servers I tried. Wi-Fi or UMTS made no difference. Competing email programs Nokia Messaging and OnePennyMail managed to connect to all my email accouts at the first try.

Redwing at Softpedia

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